Body Mods

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Cybernetic Enhancement

Imagine opening your front door with the wave of your hand. At Evolutionary Studios, we can help you alter how you interact with your environment. As one of the first body modification studios to offer human enhancement, we are providing you the opportunity to control your evolution. We offer only the highest quality implants sourced from our trustedpartners at Dangerous Things.

Dermal Etching

Dermal Etching is a form of tattoo in which the tissue is agitated in a manner that promotes scarification. This type of modification is unique in that the artist is responsible for the procedure, but the final design is essentially determined by the individuals own body and environmental conditions experienced during the healing phases. 


Pearling, sometimes called beading, is a process of inserting small silicone jewelry under the skin. The effect is a noticeable elevation in tissue that many find desirable. While this modification is often selected for it's novelty, corrective applications are also possible.

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