Evolutionary Studios was founded in 2014 by master artist and body art pioneer Kevin Stewart. His vision for the future of body art became a reality as the clinical style facility was completed in the heart of Hendersonville, Tennessee. In just their first year Evolutionary Studios was named "Best Tattoo Shop in Nashville", with dozens of additional awards to follow in the years since.

Evolutionary Studios utilizes a unique approach to body art, in that medical science is the foundation by which all procedures are created. Each artist has passed an accelerated training program, which is modeled after college courses in anatomy and physiology. Each artist is also certified in first-aid and CPR at minimum . In 2018, Evolutionary Studios became the first body-art studio in the United States insured to perform subdermal implant procedures.

With the advancement of body art as the primary goal, Evolutionary Studios has fought tirelessly to improve the tattoo and body piercing regulations in Tennessee. The studio has maintained a positive relationship with the state health department, resulting in many procedures that were once considered illegal to be now permitted.

Evolutionary Studios is dedicated to improving the human experience through body art. Services range from custom tattooing and body piercing to functional body modification that can change how you interact with your environment. Contact one of our artists to learn more and begin your evolution.

Evolutionary Studios