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Frequently Asked Questions:

How old do I have to be to get a piercing?

You must be at least eighteen (18) to get a piercing in Tennessee. However, a person under eighteen (18) can be pierced with consent. Only the birth parents or court approved guardian may sign for a minor to be pierced. Our policy is to only pierce ear cartilage, nose, navel, tongue (mid-line only), lips, and eyebrows on minors at least thirteen (13) years of age. All piercing of minors is to be performed at our discretion. Exotic or high risk procedures will not be performed on minors under any circumstances.

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?

You must be at least eighteen (18) to get a tattoo in Tennessee.

What should I bring to the studio?

You will need a government issued photo ID card or passport. If a minor is to be pierced, We will need a government issued photo ID, a birth certificate, or a passport for the minor child and the parent/guardian. A school ID cannot be accepted.

What should I do before I get a tattoo or piercing?

We suggest eating a good meal 2 hours before any procedure. Try not to consume too much sugar, caffeine, alcohol, or any non-prescribed drugs within 24 hours prior to getting a tattoo or piercing.

How safe is it to get a tattoo or piercing?

When performed by experienced professionals in a licensed studio, body-art is relatively low risk. Studios are inspected by the local health department often to ensure they are compliant with the state health codes. Each studio must be equipped with an autoclave (sterilizer) similar in function to those used in a physician's office. When sterilized, all tools remain sealed in pouches until the procedure. The pouches have indicators which tell the artist if the tool inside is sterile. Most items are single-use-only. This means that once a needle has been used, it must be disposed of in an appropriate container. We do not reuse needles under any circumstance.

What if I have health concerns or chronic illness?

Ultimately this is a question for your doctor. Be sure to inform your physician of your intentions, and make sure they understand the tattoo or piercing procedure. Don't forget to inform your artist too!

What does a tattoo feel like?

Tattoos are mildly discomforting for most people. The area of the body to be tattooed and the length of time the tattoo will take will greatly affect the sensation your will experience.

Does color fade more than black tattoos?

No. Color tattoos will last just as long as any black tattoo. This is because regardless of the ink used, it is actually the decay of skin cells that reduces the quality over time. The best way to keep your tattoos bright is to follow the instructions your artist provides you with, and take care of your skin. After your tattoo has healed, using sunscreens and lotions often will help retain the integrity of your art.

How much does a tattoo or piercing cost?

Tattoo prices are based on a ratio of $100 per hour. For example, a 30 minute tattoo costs $50. The minimum charge for a tattoo is $50. Most piercings are $25 and include jewelry and aftercare solution (when applicable). For a complete list of prices, please visit our "Services" page.

Can my tattoo or piercing get infected?

What should I do if it does?

Piercing and tattoo aftercare are designed to reduce the risks of getting an infection. However, even though the tattoo or piercing is created in a clean environment, it is up to you to keep it that way. Be sure to follow the care instructions exactly as your artist has described. In the event you feel concerned about your art, contact BOTH your physician and your artist. Specifically, piercings can be a little tricky. A normal, healthy piercing can sometimes emulate the effects of an infection. Healing piercings will sometimes be pinkish in color, and drain a clear or white discharge. When in doubt, ask your artist and physician.

Why is my tattoo “peeling”?

After a few days, new tattoos will shed the top layer of dead skin. The dead tissue may contain the colors of the tattoo, and it may appear as if the tattoo is “falling off”. However, this is a perfectly normal condition. Be sure to follow the care instruction, and not “pick” at the tattoo.

What if I gain or lose weight?

What if I become pregnant?

Only significant weight changes will affect a tattoo. The occasional 5 to 10 pounds will usually not cause any distortion. Tattoos in areas where the tissue may become stressed will be affected by this more than tattoos on more stable areas of the body.

Tattoo touch-ups, piercing check-ups, and jewelry changes?

Any tattoo procedure comes with a complimentary free touch-up within 90 days of the original service. This is to ensure that each client is 100% satisfied with their experience. Extensions to the policy are available to service members or clients who live out of state. However, we reserve the right to charge for a touch-up in the event a tattoo was neglected or has passed the 90 day time period.

All piercing services come with a free check-up and jewelry change at the end of the first month of healing.

How do I cover-up a tattoo?

This subject is best discussed in person. Tattoo cover-ups are a unique procedure, and must be evaluated on a case by case basis. However, almost any tattoo can be covered with the correct techniques and design.

How do I get a tattoo removed?

Tattoo removal is not an accurate description. In most cases, you are still left with a visible mark of some kind. If you would like to consider having a tattoo removed, there are many businesses in the area who offer this service. However, state health codes explicitly prohibit any tattoo artist from removing or attempting to remove a tattoo.

Can I get a tattoo in White, Silver, or Gold ink?

White tattoo ink is used as a highlight and to blend other colors, much like a white colored pencil. Tattoos using only white ink do not last long, because the natural pigment in your skin is darker than the pigment of the ink itself. While many pictures on the internet show beautiful white ink tattoos, most of them are fresh or photo-edited and do not accurately reflect the appearance of the tattoo once healed. While there are many techniques we can use to create a gold or silver effect, there is no such thing as gold or silver ink. Any attempt at producing an additive to tattoo ink to make it reflect this appearance would most likely result in the infection of the tattoo.

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